Why not get involved yourself? Its very easy...
Find someone who wants books.


There could be lots of places in your local community who would love to have access to books, but not enough money or resources to buy them. Find out if your local school, hospital, community group, retirement home, is short of books.

Donate the books


Make a day of it (if you want). Pack the books up and take them to your chosen donation place yourself. You might even make some new friends!

Set up a collection.

Get a table, print off some posters and set up your collection point. Don't forget to use the marketing tools we provide (HERE) to help you advertise your local collection point and date.

Tell us about it!

Let us know what you did and how it went. Send us an email and don't forget to send a photo and we'll publish your story on the blog, facebook, twitter and instagram. Email: