My Project - New Orleans


Chatting over a cup of tea, my friend Michelle commented that schools in New Orleans were still struggling to fill their libraries with books. A friend of mine is a librarian at a school in New Orleans. Even now, like many others in the area, the school has not quite recovered from Hurricane Katrina. Her library was destroyed along with much of the school, her home, the neighbourhood. Gone.


Books were obviously not a priority at the time, but since the city has worked hard to re-build, investment in educational books is still not enough. She simply doesn’t have enough books that her students need. Her budget does not stretch far enough to fill her library.


I chose to set up a shopping list for my librarian friend. If people feel like buying one on Amazon or Barnes and Noble, or where ever, look for the second hand version, it’s cheaper. If people live near the school and have a book on the list that they no longer want, then please drop by the library and donate it.


You can send the books to:


Librarian M. Coates MLIS

Warren Easton Librarian

3019 Canal Street

New Orleans, LA 70119