New! A free event hosting pack.

New and live on the site today is a downloadable guide to hosting a collection event. It’s a little basic in parts, but has links to a couple of press release templates, some tips for social media promotion (which I can help with). There are also links to a printable poster and flyer – I’m sure you create better designs than my efforts!


It’s been an interesting week, with a new Facebook page, a few new friends on Twitter and a new Instagram account. All are there to help promote your collection events, so be sure to follow and share. The links are below.

Oh, and the inaugural event looks like it just might be in the Netherlands! Unless someone gets in first!

So, go to the Get Involved page, click on the big red button and download your PDF guide today. Maybe you can slip in a collection at school just before the kids finish for the summer.

Until next week,


PS: Don’t forget to email with any ideas! Books for Everyone belongs to everyone!




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