Giving - money or time. Which do you prefer to give?

I’ve been thinking, do people prefer to give money (buy a book), or give time?

There are two ways to participate in Books for Everyone, either host a local book collection of unwanted books and then stop by a local hospital, hospice, school etc. to donate the collected books. Alternatively, people can purchase a second hand book from an on-line wish list (like this one for my project HERE) and have the book sent directly to a pre-designated organisation who needs the books.

I recently set up a question on the Q&A website Quora, do people prefer to simply donate money, or to give time? Already I have had a couple of interesting responses. How do people like to give? Is it a generational thing? Do the older generation prefer to simply donate cash? Are they time poor, or are they really an “observational generation”? Are the younger members of society, a participatory generation? Are they more inclined to get up and do?

I wonder.

What do you think?

#books #giving #money #time

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